Cultivating friendship between the USA and Tuscany

through cultural, social and educational activities

The creation of opportunities for Tuscans and Americans to expand and extend their familiarity with one another’s world and to intensify and enrich their ties of friendship and mutual understanding through the promotion of cultural social and educational exchanges between Tuscany and the United States of America. This is the mission which our Association will continue to pursue together with Tuscans, Americans, the U.S. Consulate General in Florence, the Region of Tuscany and other Tuscan and American institutions. Founded in 1995, the Tuscan American Association has since promoted and organized various cultural and celebrative events which enhance the friendship between Tuscany and United States.

The United States and Tuscany represent two realities which are geographically distant but which are united as a free, prosperous and dynamic civilization. These strong and irreversible ties between Tuscany and the United States which over time have been consolidated are reflected in the ten years of activity of this Association, ties which in the future we will be committed to developing further.

Claudio Martini
former President of the Region of Tuscany on the occasion of the TAA 10th anniversary

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