Cultivating friendship between the USA and Tuscany

through cultural, social and educational activities

Influenced by the art world in which she grew up, she undertook very young to paint: experimenting and learning the art of engraving and woodcut up to the restoration that led her to restore in 1967 the frescoes of the Venchetoni chapel in via Palazzuolo and the frescoes in a chapel in the church of Ognissanti in Florence.

He attended the study of many artists as a young man Mosè Levi, who had his studio in Viareggio in Piazza Mazzini, Felice Carena who presented in the catalog his first personal exhibition in May 1964 in Florence at the gallery "Por Santa Maria" .It is still remembered that he had the pleasure of meeting Giuliana Plastino Fiumicellicon with his brother Renato grande Etoile of classical dance at the international level. In 1965 he decided to go to London to meet the great sculptor Henry Moore, and so she had the opportunity to attend her study, which was very artistically influenced by her. Also in the same year she was invited by a London gallery to do a solo show. Back in Florence she continued to frequent two great artists Giovanni Marche Renato Natali, who were friends of her father Giorgio di Volo painter of her grandfather Eligio di Volo. In 1970 he met through Gastone Breddo, director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Carlo Levi, who advised her to do an exhibition in Rome in the "Nuovi Nuovi" gallery Piazza Montecitorio.

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