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Pier Luigi Cecioni went from Florence to the USA at age 18 to attend Emory University, in Georgia, on a Rotary scholarship. After four years he obtained a degree in Mathematics at the University of South Florida where he had transferred. He continued his mathematical studies at the University of Lund in Sweden and then graduated in Economics from the University of Florence.

Cecioni has translated several dozen books for some of the most important Italian publishers. He has written five books on personal computers—one the best seller in Italy for some months—countless articles and has been publisher and editor-in-chief of magazines on classical music, bridge, nature, agriculture, fishing. He published Tuttouncinetto, one of Italy’s most popular magazines on crochet, embroidery and knitting, and for eight years was editor-in-chief of Italy America, published by Associazione Mazzei, the “mother” of TAA.

For the last several years Cecioni has been involved in contemporary art working in strict contact with leading artists, critics, galleries and institutions. He has published several books, mainly catalogs, on contemporary art and he is President of the association Spazio X Tempo centered on the activity of the international renown artist Marco Bagnoli and based in his spectacular studio in Montelupo Fiorentino.
He served 13 years as president of the Florence Symphonietta orchestra, which held concerts also in New York and Pyongyang.

As economic and financial consultant, Cecioni has been and is involved in commercial and cultural projects in Italy and between Italian and foreign enterprises, especially American.
Since 2006 Cecioni deals in North Korean art. One of the few Westerners, he has visited that country many times. In May of 2007 he produced in Genoa, Italy, the first large exhibition of North Korean art ever held in the West. In particular, he is the Western contact of the Mansudae Art Studio in Pyongyang, probably the largest art production center in the world.

He’s considered one of the leading experts on North Korean art, especially of its economic aspects, and has been interviewed by media such as CNN, CBS, New York Times, Vice, NHK, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Le Monde and similar. He has organized several exhibitions, also in the belief that art can be a valid instrument of knowledge of the most secluded country in the world.and thus an instrument of peace.

Lately Cecioni’s activity has been severely conditioned by the UN sanctions against North Korea that target, somewhat surprisingly, also its art. Of course Cecioni acts according those sanctions.
Cecioni has been member of the TAA Board since its founding and was previously a member of the Board of the Filippo Mazzei Association, the “mother” of TAA.

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