Cultivating friendship between the USA and Tuscany

through cultural, social and educational activities

Born in Milan, her first professional activity was her position as secretary and coordinator in the head administrative offices of an important Italian company – a role which she performed with success and recognition. Subsequently she ‘followed her husband’, an important manager for an international company, when he decided to transfer to Tuscany; and from Tuscany she has never moved.

In Florence she has dedicated herself to volunteer activities with great determination, generosity and dedication. In fact, she is a member of a number of Associations among which: the Center for Recovery of former addicts Villa Lorenzi, Women First . the association for breast oncology for women - giving generously her energy and competence and becoming a key-point factor. Since 1998 she has added cultural activities to her volunteer work. She has served as Vice-President and subsequently (2000-2002) as President of the Italian Federation of Women in Professional Arts and Business (FIDAPA – Arno), succeeding in joining ‘under the same roof’ social issues connected to cultural issues with notable appreciation and recognition of her activity. Her contacts with IFBPW (International Federation of Business Professional Women) results in her interest in women’s affairs at the international level and in her membership and activity in the Tuscan American Association.

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