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While waiting for some upcoming art exhibits that the Association is involved with and the traditional TAA Award Ceremony that will be held in Palazzo Vecchio in October, TAA (Tuscan American Association) sponsored an important initiative on Made in Italy – Luxury, with specific regard to the USA. The event held on Friday, September 29th in the Auditorium of the Florence Chamber of Commerce, Piazza Mentana, followed by cocktails.

The Florence Chamber of Commerce, Confindustria Firenze, ExportHub, PromoFirenze and the main Associations that have relations with the USA, among which We the Italians and above all the Tuscan American Association, will all have been participated in this event.

The speakers were outstanding, starting with Daniel Langer, one of the world’s top luxury advisors in the United States and an expert on “Made in Italy”, who has Ferrari, Maserati and Pininfarina among his clients.

Leading representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, the Italian Banking Association, various economists and representatives of local and national Institutions participated.

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